So its been about two days since Anime Expo ended and I’m sorry for updating only now (my feet got trampled on by high heels and Geta aka Wooden Sandals at a Crunchyroll shirt giveaway so cut me some slack). Anyway to start things off I give you a Moogle riding a Chocobo. Ain’t that cute?

To keep within the Final Fantasy motif here’s a bunch of well known Femme Fatals of the series. In the first picture we got a gender-bender version of Squall  from FFVIII. Next we got the Charlie’s Angels-esque cousin duo of Yuna and Rikku from FFX-2. And possibly the most well known of the girls we got Yuffie and Tifa of FFVII. Personally I love that Squall gender-bender one, I actually had to chase her down after noticing her while scarfing down on some pizza.

You know what? Here’s some more vidya game characters. We got the Psycho energy master himself M.Bison (Vega if you’re Japanese) and Tae kwon Do assassin Juri Han from the StreetFighter series. Then things got a little flat when I encountered this awesome Paper Mario cosplay, Gumbella was there but she had to leave to use the bathroom. Then we got the OG Dante in his Devil May Cry 3 attire. Then I found a bunch of tea baggin’ Spartans from the Halo franchise, so many people requested to get teabagged when requesting for pics. Weird….Moving on we got a bunch of Vault Hunters and a Vault from Borderlands 2 specifically. Props to Tiny Tina, she flipped me off when I said thanks after talking to them and me thanking them for a shot. Next up we got two Grim Reapers, first is Riela Marceris from Valkyria Chronicels III and the nightmare inducing Pyramid Head. I dunno why, but after I got PH’s shot; both he and a Slenderman followed me around, I had to make a break for the bathroom just to get away.

Well for you League of Legends players here’s a bit for you. The only characters I know are Fiddle Sticks, Kogma and Twist of Fate. Yeah so that’s that….I did buy an inflatable Dota2 Courier doh.

For a bit of non-anime characters (Nick’s Avatar franchise kinda blurs the line but meh) let’s start off with a Dalek and one of The Doctor’s Companion’s. Sorry to all the Whovian’s out there if I don’t know her haven’t watched in a bit. Next off we got the stars of Wreck-it Ralph, Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz. Fix-it Felixwas there but he was trapped in a box and couldn’t get out. I walked outside to buy some grub, and apparently fast food chain president Jack of Jack-in-the-Box had anime fever with his Kamina shades on.A bit more walking around I bumped into Professor Utonium and his anime inspired daughters The Powerpuff Girls. Ok I’m not entirely sure, but I know for a fact that that’s Fire Lord Ozai and I think that’s his daughter Azula. But the way they kissed each other on the lips after everyone got their shots of them left me confused. lulz

Back to more anime and Japan related stuff. Soooooo, I went to a Maid Cafe. I won’t lie I had so much fun mingling with the girls. I must say though, I got too much “props” from the other guys in line waiting to get pictures with the girls they wanted. “That was awesome what you did with your hands!” I was the number one quote that stuck in my mind. I thought they were talking about me looking like a drooling perv in the whacky photo but no, they meant me wrapping my arms around some of the girls. C’mon step it up my fellow Western otaku! Let’s not feed the fire of a stereotype!

Now for an anime pic dump. So many awesome cosplays so little time. Numero Uno we got Vash The Stampede and Nicholas D. Wolfwood looking snazzy as usual. Then we got almost the entire crew from Hataraku Mao-sama. Then we got another Aladdin this time accompanied by the king of the Seven Seas Sinbad. Then we got the lovely couple from Maoyu: The Demon King (Mao) and The Hero (Yuusha). Later on I found two Zorro’s from One Piece, well technically the other one was a girl. So Zorra? From Blue Exorcist we got Mephisto Pheles principal of True Cross Academy while onto his dog form. I got lost for a bit and needed some directions, so I asked Officer Jenny to point me in the right direction but the directions she gave me were kinda bad and I almost got run over by Celty Sturluson. Still so Moe even without her head. Talking about beheadings, I found this lovely group cosplaying as Samurai X characters. For you Kuroko no Baske fans I found a portion of the Generation of Miracles and their Manager. I later bumped into two tiny girls, one was a robot Roll and the other has delusions of riding around in a giant robot thanks to her Chunibyo syndrome, Rikka Takanashi. Now my favorite cosplay out of all the bunch is this guy: Kazuma Kuwabaraa from Yu Yu Hakusho. Then my Fighting Spirit went ablaze as I saw Ichiro Miyata warming up for his next match, then I decided to take a break with a bunch of high schoolers from My Little Monster. They even brought their chicken Nagoya! Well that’s all I got so far…No that’s a lie. I got a bit more but that’s another article. It’ll be up soon.