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Aquaman – The Blockbuster in Year End 2018

After the premiere on the West Coast of the United States, many critics and audiences continued to have very positive reviews for blockbuster Aquaman and even many thought this was the best DCEU film.

Although earlier, critics’ early reactions in Aquaman’s expert response screenings showed a good film but not so excellent.

A Reddit user named MaxBorne judged it to be DCEU’s best film, surpassing director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman.

 “Aquaman will attract a lot of audiences to the cinema. Although, surely the movie will face many criticisms from DC fans because it is different from the usual dark tones. Even the movie color and rhythm are similar to Marvel movies like Ant Man and The Wasp and Thor Ragnarok “, according to Reddit.
Other viewers said Aquaman was better than Wonder Woman on how to build character and context. The world of Atlantis, which James Wan built, is said to be more attractive than the island Themyscira.

Besides, many other opinions suggest that Aquaman’s villain line is Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and Orm (Patrick Wilson) are two of the best adapted villains on Widescreen, much better than Ares in Wonder Woman.

On Twitter, many people also gave positive reviews for the movie. Many people agree that this is DCEU’s commendable film, helping Warner Bros. overcome the “black hole” of the Justice League (2017).
User Mick Minas calls this “Star Wars underwater” version. This person commented in detail: “The film is a great success in telling stories. Atlantis’s colorful underwater world demonstrates director James Wan’s talent and he should direct more DC films.”

Meanwhile, the audience named Carl Abellana excitedly said, “This is my favorite DCEU movie. Come and see it right away.” Or have other comments commenting on the film is a combination of what the audience needs in an action movie: good character, bad, beautiful scene, voyeuristic, funny and full of discoveries.

“Most notably when Aquaman can separate himself from becoming a half-hearted comic adaptation. The action is naturally appealing but the touching story has helped the film to stand out” used as Baji commented.
Besides compliments, some people still seem to be more strict with this movie. They rated the film still at a safe level, not really breaking through and bringing a new turning point for DC.

“The movie is similar to MCU films in Stage 1. I don’t like this. However, this is still a complete and worth watching movie,” commented KC Walsh of GWW.

Director James Wan once stated that Aquaman will be different from DCEU’s previous works. In addition to Jason Momoa, the film also stars such as Nicole Kidman, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Willem Dafoe.

Aquaman is expected to become Warner Bros’ box office boost in the end of the year.