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Top ten sites where you can play online educational games for free (part 2)

6. BBC Schools: Games

The BBC, the British counterpart of PBS, provides interactive digital games and activities related to a variety of subjects like mathematics, numeracy, history, literacy, music, and the arts. BBC Schools: Games are categorized into age ranges, too. The cartoon graphics are very appealing for children and the content is stellar for parents and teachers who want their children to learn while playing.

7. Arcademic Skill Builders

Arcademic Skill Builders is an educational video games site which provides a powerful approach to learning basic math, vocabulary, thinking skills, and language arts. The games are designed to challenge students to improve their scores through timed learning drills that offer immediate feedback.

8. Funbrain

Created for kids aged preschool, Funbrain provides more than 100 fun and interactive games that help kids develop skills in reading, literacy, and math. In addition, the site provides kids with a variety of popular books and comics, including and Brewster Rocket, Amelia Writes Again, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

9. Primary Games

Primary Games is home to more than 1,000 game titles and activities that meet curriculum needs for math, science, social studies, and language arts. The site also offer curriculum guides for teachers and parents to use in conjunction with the games.

However, this site is full of ads which aren’t just static ads but move, flash and are distracting. What more annoying are the occasional interstitial ads that pop-up when you click on a game you want to play. But if you can ensure your kids to concentrate on the games themselves with all the flashing adware competing for their attention, they are quite fun.

10. ABCYa.com

ABCYa.com is a game site that provides approved educational computer games for elementary students to study math and language arts. Featured by Apple, Fox News, and The New York Times, this site provides young children with fun games and craft activities.