Now it’s been mentioned numerous times, whether through articles or podcasts, that members of the NUReviews crew don’t like the use of the terms “gamer culture”, “nerd culture” or the general labeling of people being a “gamer” or “nerd”.  Needless to say, however, that these trends will continue no matter how much a small review site bitches and moans about it.  It’s often difficult to truly explain your disdain for something, but it really helps when you find like minded people who can articulate their feelings better.  That’s where ActionPts comes in.  ActionPts is a new youtube channel barely a week old, with only two videos under it’s belt.  It describes itself as a place of “Considerate analysis, critical thought and a little bit of fun with video games and topics a few degrees separate.”  The only video worth watching (because currently it’s the only video with actual meat on it’s bones) is the one included at the top of this article, “You’re Not such a Nerd: Commodification of Nerd and Gamer Sub-culture”.  In it Mr. ActionPts (for lack of better thing to call him), talks about the bastardization of with term nerd, and how those who label them as such so willingly are anything but that.  No matter what side of the argument you stand on this video is certainly worth your time, especially if you’re one of those people who label themselves as a “nerd”.

Also he says why The Big Bang Theory is a horrible show and you’re a horrible person for liking it, but that’s just a personal plus for me.