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4 Best Movies About Casino

Good films about Casino, from anecdotes to the best card players to the secret screens revealed in Las Vegas, will give viewers a unique experience about the gambling industry Apart from playing on online casinos, watching movies is also a good way to learn about this world.


Nobody business owners in the beautiful city of Los Angeles do not know Ace Rothstein, a notorious giant in the elite with trendy and attractive casinos. Ace has the two closest people who are always with him, Nicky Santoro, his best friend, who always handles troublesome affairs on his behalf, and Ginger, a beautiful, charming and very personal mate. However, money is not always happy. The proof is around Ace not knowing how many enemies. Nick is falling into crime and many things are happening.


Mike shows up at Teddy KGB’s residence to bet $ 30,000 and is looking forward to participating in a world-class poker tournament. He turned to the help of his old friend Knish. Knish tried to stop Mike from playing because he was afraid Mike would lose all his capital. Despite Mike still playing, believing in his own hands, he bet all and eventually lost. Knish once again helped Mike, he had Mike manage a route to make money and Mike also promised to give up Poker. An old friend of Mike named Worm came out of prison, and he persuaded Mike to return to the old way, using old tricks to make money.

The Cooler

The film is the story of Bernie Lootza, the luckiest man in Las Vegas. He is the owner of one of Las Veagas’ largest casinos that uses technologies to reduce the odds of a gambler’s big win to increase the profit of the casino.


Seven years ago, Jake was tricked by the casino owner, causing him to schedule every year. It was an uncomfortable time. After leaving prison, Jake decided to gamble with his own destiny. Two years later, Jake became a living nightmare for the big casinos. But suddenly Jake learned that he had only three days to live, because an extremely dangerous bacterium had seeped into his blood and organs. At the same time, the old casino owner gave him the trace of Jake. The only chance of survival at the moment was to work with Avi, a notorious usury lender, on terms that were completely beneficial to him. Not easily giving up hope, Jake was determined to find out what was happening to him.

SHAZAM! New DC Superhero Movie

Although there are no attractive fighting scenes like the previous DC, Shazam movies! brings an extremely funny atmosphere with lots of emotions around adopted children and our main character – Billy Batson / Shazam.

Shazam! revolving around Billy Batson, an orphan who is searching for his lost mother. He was adopted into a new family with the power of falling from the sky given to him by an eminent old mage. Since then, Billy has to learn how to control new powers, integrate with his new family and face an evil man trying to kill him and destroy the world.

Shazam! take viewers on a journey to find a family, so that we realize that families are not necessarily people with blood ties. In the United States, there are about 428,000 children living in care camps and about 135,000 children are adopted each year. These children either don’t know who their parents are or are abandoned by themselves. Among them, there are children who fled to find their families with the thought that only their parents could let them feel true love.

Billy Batson is one of those children. However, the main content of the film not only revolves around Billy as well as superhero Shazam but also about the children in those nurturing homes about how they deserve to receive care and care. as well as the ability to give away their love.

Shazam! Director, David F. Sandberg is the person who directed the movie Annabelle: Creation. Annabelle 2’s content also revolves around the story of adopted girls, and they must work together against an evil force. Perhaps this is the reason why David handled so well the story of the young characters in Shazam !. The experience of making two horror movies, “Lights Out” and “Annabelle 2,” helped him create rather gruesome scenes in a superhero movie that targets people of all ages.

Interesting content of the film is partly due to the acting ability of the child actors. Asher Angel in the role of Little Billy had pretty good acting showing the disobedience of a boy who ran away from home nurturing 23 times and his eyes filled with sadness when he wanted to find his family. Most importantly, the child actors work well together to make viewers experience bad and funny situations as well as own one of the most impressive scenes in this movie.


Thursday, October 10th to Sunday the 14th was perhaps the most exhausting and longest weekend I have experienced so far in my life. Navigating through the crowds of the con and streets of New York was not for the agoraphobic. At least finding a way to the convention in NYC wasn’t a complete labyrinth, just follow the closest cosplayer you see, and you should be at the con in no time. Everywhere you turned your head on the con floor, you’d see a vendors with so much merch of all sorts of media. A nerd/geek’s shopping spree can get as nasty as a Black Friday shopper. It’s almost like an addiction. “I can stop buying swag whenever I want…or run out of money”. Finally, the patience of Buddha is required for the waiting lines for panels. Some people waited for 9 hours in the panel hall just to get into the Walking Dead panel. At least you could kill time reading comics, right?

Nevertheless, New York Comic Con is one of the few times of the year I actually get hype about. Hanging around like-minded friends, engulfed in all things geek is just a swell feeling. Down below you can see the pictures we snapped from the convention. We’ll be releasing a video of interviews and footage we captured later this week. Enjoy.

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Some of these pictures might be blurry. We apologize for this. We promise to be mindful of the quality next time we release a photo set.


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