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Three most favorite games In 2020

2020 is a year when so many things went wrong and video games being one of the few highlights. They became more important than ever before by providing peoples with new ways to connect with everything else that is happening in the Covid-19 world. Here is a list of three titles that helped make this year a little more bearable.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

New Horizons is a game about pottering. It is filled with little distractions, which means that you can play for hours without having to get around to it. There’s always an interesting-looking bug to catch, a fossil to dig up, or a balloon overhead to shoot down.

New Horizons frequently feels like a chore to navigate. It means you can never lose sight of the game’s smaller details, when its best moments are to be found.

Fall Guys

Battle royal games are everywhere. These games have one common thing: shooting. And 2020’s amazing game Fall Guys took the genre in a different way.

Rather than a violent battleground, Fall Guys tasked players with competing through game show-like competitions, racing to survive amidst obstacles that seemed ripped out of American Gladiators. The game is bright and colorful, with goofy controls that ensure you are going to fall over and look silly. And in general, Fall Guys is as fun to watch as it is to play.


It will only take about 15 minutes for any player to fall in love with Hades. The game’s starting was jarring; throwing you directly into an escape from Hell with just little explanation.

Super Giant’s roguelike is one of Hades’ best: an irresistible package of beautiful visuals, excellent voice acting, and gameplay that scratches the right itch for punishment. Each failure is its own kind of reward, or weapons, or personal accomplishment for having got a little further than last time.