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Hotel Mumbai: A Terrible Story Must Be Told

Despite demonstrating the brutality of the Mumbai terrorist crisis in 2008, “Hotel Mumbai” lacks a moment of deposition to convey emotions to the audience.

Hotel Mumbai is inspired by the Surviving Mumbai documentary (2009). The content is based on a series of bloody terrorist events that took place in Mumbai in 2008 when 10 gunmen attacked throughout Mumbai killing more than 173 people and injuring 308 others. The film mainly focuses on the luxury hotel Taj Mahal, where more than 2,000 tourists and employees are stuck under the guns of bloodthirsty terrorists.

A film based on a true massacre, Hotel Mumbai presses viewers on the most intense hours. During the two hours of the film, the audience could not stop being startled by the sound of gunshots, deaths occurring in the blink of an eye, screams, mourning, and scary scouts. The shooting was shown honestly and barely, which makes the film beat up high and leaves an almost indelible impression on the viewers long after.

The film does not go into storytelling but focuses on small details so that the audience can notice and reflect. It was the shoe that the receptionist dropped in the house in the morning, the scarf on the head of the Muslim man, symbolizing self-esteem, faith, and courage. All are integrated into the barbaric and frightening segments of the film in an extremely subtle way.

Hotel Mumbai has also shown how people face unexpected disasters. For example, a group of hotel staff, who should have been able to escape but eventually decided to stay to help the tourists. Besides, the film has also shown many social issues, such as the weakness of the government when difficult situations come. As soon as terrorists attacked, the police department struggled with how to save the victim. As a result, 2000 hostages were stuck in the “cage” for nearly 12 hours.

Despite enough drama, Hotel Mumbai does not really satisfy viewers like a regular movie because of its lack of adaptation. The movie is too stressful without a moment of calm and rest when emotions are pushed too high. The plot has many points that are not deep and do not really lead to viewers. The audience watched the victims hold for 2 hours of the movie just to be rescued by the police later.