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I’ll start this off by saying that I’m okay with Gail Simone as a person and with some of her work; her previous work, before DC’s New 52 reboot, spoke for her. Her comics were fun. Her current Batgirl run is far from my cup of tea though. The definitive Barbara-Gordon-as-Batgirl story, “Batgirl: Year One” by Scott Beatty and Chuck Dixon, was tremendously better (though that may be the fault of current DC editorial and not Simone’s). Gail Simone herself is also notorious for being a Tumblr Social Justice Warrior. Not that I have any problem with that, but as a straight, white male I’m probably going to find issue with those who invalidate my opinion because I’m a straight, white male.

That’s why I had to do a double-take at this announcement. This seems about a year too late to be relevant, and it has large potential to be groan-worthy. There are interviews by Bryan Young of BigShinyRobot.com did interviews with both teams: The Green Teamdoes sound like it could be fun in a Silver Age style (Art Baltazar and Franco have done fun books usually), but The Movement would probably pass my privilege-checking quota for the day.

The ad sums them up better than any paragraph. The Green Team is going to be new, non-super-powered individuals in the DC universe. The Movement is going to deal try to deal with more modern, democratic problems of how far should freedom of speech go, what to do with the corrupt that abuse their powers, and how to deal with injustices. Both deserve a shot, but I’m not expecting subtlety from either of them.