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As a fan of video games, I enjoy the viewing the products of what gaming has spawned, including this website. What is difficult, however, is finding quality works. Two examples of these works are of Egoraptor and of Jontron. Egoraptor is known for his zany flash animations, such as Metal Gear Awesome, Girl-Chan in Paradise, and Sequelitis.   Jontron is also a well known video game connoisseur, providing top 10 lists and game reviews, both paired with sketch comedies.  If someone would have told me two weeks ago that these two would create a YouTube channel and release let’s play videos daily, this would of been my reaction:

But nope. This is the real deal. Game Grumps is the virtual baby of these two highly acclaimed internet gaming ‘big cheeses’ (thesaurus.com actually suggested the use of big cheese). I’ll keep my fingers crossed regarding a Battletoads episode. And speaking of Goofy…


I find it refreshing that video games can inspire creativity. The results are as varied as video games themselves. There have been many works of art, clothing, video series, and even games which can be traced back to video games. However, as an occasional tippler, I was delightfully surprised when I came across Video Game inspired alcoholic beverages.

Enter the Drunken Moogle: A blog site which caters to gamers who would prefer to drink something more sophisticated than just a beer. Here, many drinks can be found along with the recipe and instructions on how to make it. Also featured on the site are gaming related drinking paraphernalia and great drinking games that can be played at gaming parties, such as Super Smashed Bros.

Here are some drinks that are on my To-Do list:

Quick Boomerang (Mega Man 2 Shot)

Anti Sora (Kingdom Hearts Cocktail)

Yoshi’s Eggnog

Note: NUReviews does not condone underage drinking. Please abide to the laws regarding alcohol consumption in your country, unless you’re in international waters, then do whatever you want. Also, winners don’t drink and drive, unless it’s in a video game.