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4 Best Movies About Casino

Good films about Casino, from anecdotes to the best card players to the secret screens revealed in Las Vegas, will give viewers a unique experience about the gambling industry Apart from playing on online casinos, watching movies is also a good way to learn about this world.


Nobody business owners in the beautiful city of Los Angeles do not know Ace Rothstein, a notorious giant in the elite with trendy and attractive casinos. Ace has the two closest people who are always with him, Nicky Santoro, his best friend, who always handles troublesome affairs on his behalf, and Ginger, a beautiful, charming and very personal mate. However, money is not always happy. The proof is around Ace not knowing how many enemies. Nick is falling into crime and many things are happening.


Mike shows up at Teddy KGB’s residence to bet $ 30,000 and is looking forward to participating in a world-class poker tournament. He turned to the help of his old friend Knish. Knish tried to stop Mike from playing because he was afraid Mike would lose all his capital. Despite Mike still playing, believing in his own hands, he bet all and eventually lost. Knish once again helped Mike, he had Mike manage a route to make money and Mike also promised to give up Poker. An old friend of Mike named Worm came out of prison, and he persuaded Mike to return to the old way, using old tricks to make money.

The Cooler

The film is the story of Bernie Lootza, the luckiest man in Las Vegas. He is the owner of one of Las Veagas’ largest casinos that uses technologies to reduce the odds of a gambler’s big win to increase the profit of the casino.


Seven years ago, Jake was tricked by the casino owner, causing him to schedule every year. It was an uncomfortable time. After leaving prison, Jake decided to gamble with his own destiny. Two years later, Jake became a living nightmare for the big casinos. But suddenly Jake learned that he had only three days to live, because an extremely dangerous bacterium had seeped into his blood and organs. At the same time, the old casino owner gave him the trace of Jake. The only chance of survival at the moment was to work with Avi, a notorious usury lender, on terms that were completely beneficial to him. Not easily giving up hope, Jake was determined to find out what was happening to him.