Welcome to NUReviews’ newest segment: I (Don’t) Got This. Be amazed by the lack of skill Steve has while other NUReviews members openly mock him! This time, we play some Mega Man 9.

Also, leave a reply in the comments if you have any requests for games to play/fail.


A discussion on the OUYA game console. Will this console succeed? Who is their target audience? Did Sameer save you any pizza? Answers and more in the NUReviews OUYA discussion!

Tegra 3 Showcase: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBl-goBrWno
EUROgamer’s OUYA article: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-07-14-saturday-soapbox-the-trouble-with-ouya
Penny Arcade’s OUYA article: http://penny-arcade.com/report/editorial-article/the-reality-of-the-ouya-console-doesnt-match-the-hype-why-you-should-be-ske


I find it refreshing that video games can inspire creativity. The results are as varied as video games themselves. There have been many works of art, clothing, video series, and even games which can be traced back to video games. However, as an occasional tippler, I was delightfully surprised when I came across Video Game inspired alcoholic beverages.

Enter the Drunken Moogle: A blog site which caters to gamers who would prefer to drink something more sophisticated than just a beer. Here, many drinks can be found along with the recipe and instructions on how to make it. Also featured on the site are gaming related drinking paraphernalia and great drinking games that can be played at gaming parties, such as Super Smashed Bros.

Here are some drinks that are on my To-Do list:

Quick Boomerang (Mega Man 2 Shot)

Anti Sora (Kingdom Hearts Cocktail)

Yoshi’s Eggnog

Note: NUReviews does not condone underage drinking. Please abide to the laws regarding alcohol consumption in your country, unless you’re in international waters, then do whatever you want. Also, winners don’t drink and drive, unless it’s in a video game.


Above you can see my alternative persona, SwagLad! Every solstice, he appears in random alleyways to stop crimes… and only alleyways. Why waste time going anywhere if most muggings and such happens in alleyways?
But what’s that SwagLad is wearing(besides the shades, cape and styling ‘stache)? If you recognize what is on the shirt, props to you, good sir and/or ma’am. But if you dont, then the shirt is doing its job.

If you don’t know where the logo came from, here’s a hint.

Now where did I get this shirt? At PerplexiTees.com. The online store sells anime-related shirts and other products. But what’s interesting about it is that all of the products are subtle, as in they wouldn’t have the name of the anime. Instead, the shirts would be actual shirts that the characters in the anime have worn, or have emblems that are recognizable to only people who have seen the show. This site provides a way to show your love for anime, while, at the same  time, “hiding your power levels” or be subtle about it.

Now why would you be subtle about it? I’m not one to judge, but when you look like this, you may activate an anti-social force shield around yourself.