Japan Premiered The 1964 Tokyo Paralympics Documentary

When there is only one year left to take place in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, Japan has released two documentaries about the 1964 Paralympics Tokyo, which have been preserved for over 50 years, to help viewers better understand the sports atmosphere. at that time, as well as witnessing the energy of the generation of athletes that had not been discarded before.

Titled “Tokyo Paralympics, festival of love and glory” and “Record of the 1964 Tokyo Paralympic Games”, two documentaries with a total time of 108 minutes showed the footage of the Japanese context in 1964. but the aftermath of World War II is still there, along with the appearance of Prince Akihito and Princess Michiko at this sporting event.

Not only did the photos of the competitions take place in the tournament, these two documentaries document the interviews, thereby reflecting the true way of the disabled in Japan, including the military. has retired, regained invaluable beliefs and emotions in the process of playing sports or interacting with foreign handicapped athletes to seek empathy.

In addition, documentary films also mention the difference between Japanese and foreign handicapped athletes, while many disabled athletes in Japan at that time lived in institutes. care, foreign friends who share the same fate become an active member in community activities.

Compared to today’s Paralympics, the 1964 Paralympics documentary film shows that this sporting event is merely a way of supporting rehabilitation for people with disabilities rather than sports competitions. competition on this day.

The 1964 Paralympics was officially known as the “International Paralympic Games for Physically Handicapped” and it was also the event that marked the word “Paralympics” widely known even after it had not been officially used yet.

According to an official source, the two documentaries mentioned above are in six documentaries about independent Paralympics. However, the remaining 4 films are currently unknown. While “Tokyo Paralympics, festival of love and glory” is stored in the film distributor Kadokara Corp’s store, “Record of the 1964 Tokyo Paralympic Games” is found in the warehouse of the Disability Sport Association. Japan.