‘Homestay: Soul of temporary stay’ – A film about the meaning of Thai cinema from producer ‘Bad Genius’

The story tells of a wandering soul given by a man who called himself “Guardian” to an opportunity to live again in Min’s body (Teeradon Supapunpinyo), a boy who had just committed suicide. . However, in order to remain in this body permanently, the soul must investigate the cause of Min’s death within 100 days.
Living in Min’s body, the soul initially felt strange but gradually he began to like this new life. Best of all, he got hit by the love of Pi (Cherprang Areekul), his beautiful and good student. Together they spent the beautiful days of youth, full of joy and innocence. But as time went on, the problems in Min’s old life began to appear to push the soul back to the dark reality.
From Mori Eto’s Colorful novel, director Parkpoom Wongpoom has successfully transformed into a film suitable for all countries and societies when it comes to the mentality of the students who are in teenager.

Excellent visual effects

Not a film full of art, but Homestay still offers beautiful, artistic and overwhelming images.

Right from the beginning of the film, the audience gasped with a stand-up scene on a high-rise building like Spider-man. With unique angles, director Parkpoom Wongpoom and the crew made the viewers sweating when the characters hung in the middle of the house, not knowing when to fall. The color of this segment is a combination of hot and black colors that create a mysterious, magical feeling, setting the scene in a world different from the human world still knows.

In the second, the color of the film becomes brighter, the main color is warm and light colors, extremely suitable for the mood of being in love and enjoying the beautiful life of the main character. The close-up scenes are more utilized to characterize the character as well as the protagonist’s point as clearly as the first segment “second” meets Pi in the library.

At the end of the film, filmmakers use cool colors to evoke the tragedy in the life that Min encounters as family members’ separation.