Above you can see my alternative persona, SwagLad! Every solstice, he appears in random alleyways to stop crimes… and only alleyways. Why waste time going anywhere if most muggings and such happens in alleyways?
But what’s that SwagLad is wearing(besides the shades, cape and styling ‘stache)? If you recognize what is on the shirt, props to you, good sir and/or ma’am. But if you dont, then the shirt is doing its job.

If you don’t know where the logo came from, here’s a hint.

Now where did I get this shirt? At The online store sells anime-related shirts and other products. But what’s interesting about it is that all of the products are subtle, as in they wouldn’t have the name of the anime. Instead, the shirts would be actual shirts that the characters in the anime have worn, or have emblems that are recognizable to only people who have seen the show. This site provides a way to show your love for anime, while, at the same  time, “hiding your power levels” or be subtle about it.

Now why would you be subtle about it? I’m not one to judge, but when you look like this, you may activate an anti-social force shield around yourself.