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Adachi Mitsuru And Famous Baseball Manga

For anyone who loves Japanese manga, it is impossible not to know Adachi Mitsuru – an extremely famous author. Here are 3 best manga series featuring the best baseball of the top mangaka in the country of cherry blossoms according to the votes of readers.

Adachi Mitsuru was born in 1951 in Isesaki, Gunma, Japan. He started writing his first manga in 1970 as Kieta Bakuon, based on another manga by Ozawa Satoru. Adchi is best known for his comedic and sporty manga (especially about baseball). He is described as a pen of a genius who sketches everyday life.


Those who love baseball must have read this series before. It is also one of the first series for sports fans. Touch revolves around 3 small friends who are twin brothers Tatsuya, Kazuya and her friend Minami. Kazuya and Minami are the role models for the talented boy and girl, while his older brother Tatsuya is lazy and doesn’t seem to stand out. It all started when Kazuya was killed by a truck on his way to the regional baseball qualifying finals. The incident forced Tatsuya to replace his younger brother’s position to write the future for the school’s baseball team.


Hiro and Hiraki have been best friends since childhood. Due to a shoulder injury, Hiro could not follow his passion for baseball. However, Hikari and Hideo – a close friend of Hero decided to go to a school with a baseball club so Hiro would not give up his favorite sport. When he saw the club being cornered, Hiro accepted to train to save the team.

Cross Game

Cross Game revolves around the story of the boy Koh and the four sisters of a neighbor. Over time, all 5 of them grew up and Koh also began to realize the love for baseball. Although Koh knew she was capable of playing this sport, it was not until gangsters bullied her that Koh decided to follow this path.