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During my six months at my new job, I’ve found that I don’t have time to eat breakfast at home in mornings. My solution to this has been simple, buy cereal to take to work and enjoy it for the first twenty minutes or so while I do the morning update. Normally I would buy the same old cereal I’ve been eating for my entire life and after a while, it gets boring as hell and loses it’s awesome taste that I once enjoyed. I decided it was time to buy something new, so whilst shopping at my local Target, I happened upon some new cereals and what was shocking the most is that they were in the ‘Natural Cereal’ section. For those of you who don’t know what ‘Natural Cereal’ means, it’s cereal that has very little processing done to it and is not enhanced with chemicals, flavorings or coloring. A lot of it can be grown in your own garden if you felt the desire to.

The first cereal I decided to try is called Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Biscotti, made by Archer Farms. Probably the biggest reason it caught my eye was because of its name, I mean who doesn’t love chocolate chunks, hazelnuts or biscottis? Now it’s all available in one single product, heck yeah I say! This morning I dug into my first bowl, as a pre-work test run on the cereal to decide if I’d like it or not. The results were as follow…

Step 1.

Open the bag and reach in to grab some of the cereal and enjoy it without milk or any thing else. I think this gives you the best idea of if you’d like it or not. It was a three step taste. First it was just nutty, kind of boring, small hints of chocolate mostly because I didn’t get a lot of chocolate chunks in the first handful. Then, I could slowly taste some of the natural sweetness kicking its way in, it sort of rolled in behind the nuts and finally the chocolate flew in and bombed my tongue. It was crunchy, but not overly so and had a nice texture. It’s not like most other cereals that are ‘natural’ who have a rough texture. My first reaction, this cereal was pretty good and had some potential.

Step 2.

Grab a bowl and pour me some of this delicious cereal. Then add milk, 2% is my selection. Pick your choice of spoons, I prefer the bigger ones since they allow me to enjoy more of the cereal at once. Lastly, dig in. The first spoonful was more delicious then when I tried it without milk. The milk really help bring out more of the sweetness and flavor of the cereal, especially the chocolate. It was much more dominate and immediately apparent, but wasn’t too strong, blending really well with the taste of the cereal. It stayed pretty crunchy till about half way through it. Eventually it really started absorbing the milk, but never actually got too soggy. It was still sort of firm and the nuts really helped keep its crunch. Final reaction, oh lardy this cereal is amazing!