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As a fan of video games, I enjoy the viewing the products of what gaming has spawned, including this website. What is difficult, however, is finding quality works. Two examples of these works are of Egoraptor and of Jontron. Egoraptor is known for his zany flash animations, such as Metal Gear Awesome, Girl-Chan in Paradise, and Sequelitis.   Jontron is also a well known video game connoisseur, providing top 10 lists and game reviews, both paired with sketch comedies.  If someone would have told me two weeks ago that these two would create a YouTube channel and release let’s play videos daily, this would of been my reaction:

But nope. This is the real deal. Game Grumps is the virtual baby of these two highly acclaimed internet gaming ‘big cheeses’ ( actually suggested the use of big cheese). I’ll keep my fingers crossed regarding a Battletoads episode. And speaking of Goofy…


So remember that official Legend of Zelda timeline that Nintendo released earlier in the year? You would think that would finally put people’s debate regarding Zelda’s chronology to rest. But that didn’t seem to be the case. However, GameTrailers has just released this video to help make sense of it. They go through every game (except for the CDi games, for obvious reasons) to explain each placement on the timeline and the connections to other games.

Regarding the video itself, the transitions and music used are all influenced by the Zelda games. I’m pretty sure the score used was from The Legend Of ZeldaSymphony Of The Goddesses. It’s… beautiful, man.

Check out the video for yourself. Note: it’s about 40 minutes long, so grab some popcorn.


Here on NUReviews, we’re tend to keep things classy. Sure, most of us enjoy video games and other nerdy ventures, but that doesn’t mean we’re not gentlemen. And as gentlemen, we must strive to introduce plebeians to a more refined culture. Obviously, this sort of thing doesn’t happen overnight, but rather by one step at a time. So we’ll start with this.

The first video is a 8-bit cover of the song found in the second video. The song is ‘So What’ by Miles Davis, one of the most of the most influence jazz musicians in the 20th century. ‘Kind of Blue’ is Miles Davis’ best known album. Andy Baio would agree as well, so he decided to commemorate the album’s 50th anniversary (back in 2009) with ‘Kind of Bloop: An 8-bit Tribute to Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue”. Baio got promient chiptunes artists like Ast0r, Disasterpeace, and Shnabubula to create covers for the songs in ‘Kind of Blue’. The result: jazzy bloopin’ bliss.

You can download the album at or Amazon.

Next week? We’ll cover which bowler hat is right for you (no we won’t).


Above you can see my alternative persona, SwagLad! Every solstice, he appears in random alleyways to stop crimes… and only alleyways. Why waste time going anywhere if most muggings and such happens in alleyways?
But what’s that SwagLad is wearing(besides the shades, cape and styling ‘stache)? If you recognize what is on the shirt, props to you, good sir and/or ma’am. But if you dont, then the shirt is doing its job.

If you don’t know where the logo came from, here’s a hint.

Now where did I get this shirt? At The online store sells anime-related shirts and other products. But what’s interesting about it is that all of the products are subtle, as in they wouldn’t have the name of the anime. Instead, the shirts would be actual shirts that the characters in the anime have worn, or have emblems that are recognizable to only people who have seen the show. This site provides a way to show your love for anime, while, at the same  time, “hiding your power levels” or be subtle about it.

Now why would you be subtle about it? I’m not one to judge, but when you look like this, you may activate an anti-social force shield around yourself.


Alright, I know this isn’t very professional, but I’m only going to do this once. I just finished my final project game today, and it’s up for download on I’d like everyone who reads this to go check it out if they can, my team put a lot of work into it and it really shows when you play. You can check out the video in this post or just go straight for the download.  I’d personally like to give my thanks to my entire team, because if it wasn’t for all the hard work they all put in, none of us would be where we are today, and we wouldn’t have such an amazing game.