Well being the only person on the NUR team on the west coast, I had to do this massive Con solo once again. Although there was much to see, the highlight for me were just the awesome cosplayers. So I’ll just do a photo blog of the characters I saw. Starting off I give you the world famous Filipina cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao.

The convention didn’t start till today, but since I was smart enough to order my badge online I came in on Pre-reg day to get my tickets ahead of time. There were a few cosplayers (which didn’t make any sense since it was just for badge pickup) but I was surprised to see host of Culture Japan also known as tokyostormtrooper on youtube, Danny Choo. Oh and the last picture there, a fan wanted a picture with him so he just made a pimp decision and rode that car. Fully functional too mind you. Oh check him out here.

American anime company Sentai Fimworks put out all the stops with their ad space, with a freakin’ tank! As you may recognize, it’s the tank from Girls und Panzer. If you wanna check out more of Sentai’s catalog well you know the drill.

So my morning started pretty slow. There were delays in opening the exhibit hall and the ugliest Sweettooth(Twisted Metal, the new one) cosplay I’ve ever seen ( he was also shirtless and twice as big as me) almost ruined my day. Then I encountered several funny and awesome Attack on Titan cosplayers cosplaying as Wall Maria. There were a lot of walls like a lot. At least these two put some effort in and that second guy had an awesome mask to go with it.

Speaking of Attack on Titan, there were so many people there who actually took the time to be as legit as possible with their AoT soldier cosplays. Although none of their “3D Manuever Gears” were anything close to this, gotta give these people props for looking real spiffy. For those of you not in the know, The first pic is of Mikasa Ackerman and the 3 guys below are just cannon(Titan) fodder. What? Everyone knows that if a character doesn’t have a name he gon’ die son!

Like Dethklok aka the virtual band from Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse? Well here’s the Japanese/Anime versio: Detroit Metal City. Guy on the far left is frontman Johannes Krauser II alter ego of series protagonist Soichi Negishi. In his fake backstory, apparently he is so vile that he killed then raped his parents then raped Satan when he met him. So Satan kicked him out of Hell and now he’s a big wig Death Metal star in Japan. He’s so evil and powerful he impregnated Tokyo Tower. Trust me the anime is as ridiculous and hilarious as it sounds. The theme song is pretty badass actually. I am a terrorist straight outta Hell!

Magi: Labyrinth of Magic fans were also abundant. There so many tiny girls cosplaying as Aladdin. Found the best of the bunch doh and he had company ala Kougyoku Ren. Diggin’ Aladdin’s wand…..That didn’t come out right….

Possibly the only decent looking Bayonetta cosplay I saw today. Nice touch on the wig and all but can’t anyone cosplay her in mid-magic attack form? What? Indecent exposure you say? Thanks Obama.

Making my onto the Manga Lounge, I was entranced by hearing the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda herself playing her sweet somber lullaby on her violin. Too bad she has to peddle for money. I mean if you think about it, her kingdom can’t even afford to send an army to get her every time she gets captured.

Here we have a co-worker of the diligent Mgronald’s employee and the Dark Lord of Entei Isla Mao Sadao of Hataraku Mao-sama. I thought it was company policy to for employees to be clean shaven?

Speaking of Dark Lord’s and demons, we got the Earth King Amaimon from Blue Exorcist. Originally he wanted to pose with the lollipop in his mouth, but then I heard him talking with his group of friends and to his surprise there was a hair on it. The kicker was that his friend said “looks pube-y.”

All of that before led up to this. Delayed for about 30 minutes, when they finally cut the red ribbon that crowd stampeded their way into that exhibition hall. Unfortunately I didn’t get to take pictures of the people in the exhibit hall. Mainly because I ended up learning how to play Cardfight! Vanguard and Weiß Schwarz by collective card game company Bushiroad. Personally those card games have really weird rules that make Magic The Gathering look like Yugioh. Then I got corrected by a real MTG player and I quote “If you ever took up law, then that’s basically MTG.”

These are just a bunch of people I found while scoping out the booths of the several American anime companies bringing anime here in the ol’ Red, White n’ Blue (Happy July 4th PST). First off we got The Blue Spirit from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Next we got the Eva-01 unit from Evangelion, that suit/cosplay was awesome. He made it so that whenever he talks the mouth of his mask moves and he had a built in speaker system. Following that up we have the plethora of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic cosplayers piling up for a contest. And lastly we have Megumi Han a voice actress with a legacy and by that I mean she’s the daughter of Keiko Han. Keiko-san is most known for playing Luna and Queen Berryl of the original Sailor Moon anime. Megumi-tan on the other hand just recently got into the biz and has paved her way into the anime scene. Her most recent credits are as follows: Sumire Hanano of Chihayafuru 2Akko Kagari  from anime studio Trigger’s short film Little Witch Academia, Cheerilee of the Japanese dub of My Little Pony and her main role as Gon Freecss in the Hunter x Hunter  remake.

Nearing sunset and getting tired I decided it was about time to leave. I had lotso fun sweating my ass off exploring the gigantic convention center right in the heart of downtown LA and taking pictures of cosplayers that I found to be cool. On my way out to the exit I met a guy who just keep yelling “Praise the Sun!” over and over again. On my way to the parking structure outside, I bumped into 2 good bestfriends Kakashi and Tobi. When I finally got outside, I saw the Eva-01 unit again. Looked like it “over heated” because after that shot he just burst out of that thing like a cake.

To end this long ass photo blog, I give you my cosplay pick of the day: Chi from Chobits. Her friend Fionna from Adventure Time was pretty cute too. That’s all I got for now, stay tuned.