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Sega Soon to Own Atlus


So not too long ago, Index Holdings (the parent company of Atlus) was up for sale. There was much speculation in regards to who will be snagging them up: Nintendo, Namco Bandai, etc . But now we got official word that Sega Sammy will acquire Index Holdings in November for 14 billion Yen (roughly 140 million dollars). Let’s just hope this will not affect the western localizations of future games, due to Sega’s recent localization track record being less than stellar.

Source: http://nintendoeverything.com/sega-to-purchase-index-holdings/

Spring Season Anime First Impressions: Devil Survivor 2: The Animation

this-scene-was-retardedWell the Spring Anime season just started and boy is the lineup… well it’s a lineup. To start the season here on NUR and to keep in lieu with all things gaming, I give you Devil Survivor 2: The Animation. So this is the anime adaptation of the 2011 3DS game in the Shin Megami Tensei series. I personally haven’t played the game so I’m going into this show with no expectations. Thankfully enough the first episode was awesome and is now apart of my personal “to watch list.” Anyway, I may have not played this particular game in the series but I have played Persona 3 and the Megaten MMO and all of those games share similar cyber punk and demon summoning themes. The weird thing about the show for me was that I felt like I watching a darker version of Digimon and/or Pokemon. Yeah I know it’s really lame to compare shows just because of certain similarities but the Digimon vibe was strong in this show.

Now those of you who have played the game already know the overall plot, but for those of you not in the know or need a refresher well here’s a few things to note. This time around the protagonist is given a name, Hibiki Kuze. So you have Hibiki, his friend Daichi Shijima and their classmate Io Nitta get into a disaster that pretty much shuts down the whole of Tokyo. Before the event that pretty much trashes Japan, Hibiki is introduced to a website called Nicaea by Daichi. Nicaea is a website that’s popular among teens because of their “death face” videos. Videos that show how either you or your friends die. So it just so happens that Hibiki, Daichi and Io were waiting for a train in the subway then receive an update from Nicaea on their phones showing that they were about to die from a train getting derailed which oddly enough happens and they seemingly die. But they’re given a second chance at life as the Nicaea app on their phones ask them if they want to live. Choosing “yes” they manage to climb out of the rubble of the train crash somewhat unscathed. Just as they were to collect themselves, one of the train crash victim’s phone begins to emit an ominous light which summons a demon. They end up getting saved by  similar demons summoned from Io and Daichi’s phones, turns out that they have a new app installed on their phones for the sole purpose of summoning these “demons.” So that’s the gist of the first episode, I mean there’s more to it so why not check it out for yourself? If you don’t mind waiting a week for a new episode without having to pay for a membership, you could totally check it out on Crunchy Roll.

On a side note:

If you could have an app on your phone that could let you summon anything, what you would summon? I know what I’d summon:

Girls-Generation-10_1920x1200What? A guy can dream.


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers Heading to 3DS

From ATLUS US’s Youtube page
Soul Hackers delivers a first-person, dungeon-crawling RPG experience set in a future where technology and otherworldly forces meet in a macabre fusion of cyberpunk futurism and gothic horror. A first-person sci-fi RPG epic, Soul Hackers tells of a city held up as a beacon of humanity’s triumph of technology, but with an infernal secret. In this would-be utopia, a group of hackers takes on a centuries-old mystic society, and a battle for control over humanity’s fate is about to begin.

In the classic tradition of Shin Megami Tensei, players will have the compelling choice throughout their dungeon exploration to fight the enemy demons they encounter, or negotiate with them in an attempt to turn them into allies and teammates. Soul Hackers on 3DS includes access to 30 additional demons, a new opening animation movie and theme song, improved controls, and quicker loading times. Additionally players can use the 3DS’ bottom screen as an auto-mapping function, and engage a COMP hack to change difficulty levels on the fly and fill out maps without walking through. After clearing the game initially, the 3DS version of Soul Hackers also delivers an extra dungeon, where players will witness the appearance of Raidou Kuzunoha from the previous Devil Summoner games.

Available Spring 2013 for Nintendo 3DS.

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Well, this is some news that caught me off guard. Another Shin Megami Tensei spin-off is getting an anime. This time, it’s Devil Survivor 2. Here’s a synopsis for the game: “The setting of Devil Survivor 2 spans the whole country of Japan. It tells the story of Japanese high school students who received an email from a website foretelling deaths. Mysterious creatures invade the country, and the students enter a pact, enabling them to summon demons. The plot may unfold differently depending on the player’s actions.”

I personally haven’t got the chance to play the game yet, even though I do own a copy of it. I did get half the endings for Devil Survivor Overclocked, which I thoroughly enjoyed. So now would be a good time to start up DeSu2.
You can check out http://ds2a.jp/ for some preview clips of the anime. You can also check out http://news.mynavi.jp/news/2012/12/07/142/ for some more images (warning: it’s all in Japanese).

Persona 4 Arena Full Trailer

Atlus released the final trailer for Persona 4 Arena today. We get no new information, but we do get to see some of the story elements that will be found in single player mode. If you didn’t already know, P4A is a collaboration between Atlus (original creators of the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona series) and Arc System Works (Guilty Gear and BlazBlue). Despite being a fighting game, a first for the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series, P4A will be a canonical sequel to both Persona 4 and Persona 3.

Persona 4 Arena will be released on August 7, 2012.

You Can Choose Your Persona, But You Can’t Choose Your Region

You Can Choose Your Persona, But You Can't Choose Your Region

An Atlus Staff member has confirmed on the Atlus forums that the NA version of the upcoming Persona 4 Arena will be full Region Locked on both consoles. This is big news, seeing as this is the first ever region locked game releasing on the PS3 since it’s launch in 2006. The means for the region lock remain unknown at this time.