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Interview: Ska Studios – Salt and Sanctuary

Hi everyone, while going through my YouTube subscriptions the other week, I found a video by VaatiVidya who is well known around the Souls series community.  He put up a preview video for an upcoming game called Salt and Sanctuary by Ska Studios.  After falling in love with everything I saw in his video, I knew I had to reach out to the developers in hopes of an interview.  Lucky for me, the two person team were more than willing to answer a few questions for us!


-First off, to get formalities out of the way, could you introduce yourself to the readers who may not know who you are?

-We’re James Silva and Michelle Juett Silva, a husband and wife indie game development team. We have two cats named Neko and Gato and we create stylistic, usually violent, 2D interactive entertainment. Our games include The Dishwasher: Vampire SmileCharlie Murder and I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!1 We’re currently working on Salt and Sanctuary, a 2D Soulslike headed to PS4, Vita, and PC.


-And could you tell us a little bit about Salt and Sanctuary?

-Salt and Sanctuary has been aptly described as a “2D Soulslike,” meaning it draws heavy inspiration from the Souls series. Likewise, it draws themes from PSOne and DS era Castlevanias, like Symphony of the Night and Order of Ecclesia, and it draws much of its stylistic, visceral combat and brutal difficulty from our own The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile.


The game introduces you as a sailor shipwrecked on a mysterious and dangerous island, attempting to make rhyme or reason of the land’s creeds, sanctuaries and monsters. There’s a heavy emphasis on exploration: you’ll explore a vast interconnected world full of traps, hidden passageways, and monstrous bosses, and you’ll explore an endless variety of loadouts, build strategies, and play styles.


-So, looking at the material available for Salt and Sanctuary, it seems that it holds a lot in common with the Souls series of games by FromSoftware.  Are you two fans of those games? Were they an influence in the design of Salt and Sanctuary, and whether they were or not, what was your influence behind Salt and Sanctuary’s design, in both game play and art?

-We’re obviously pretty huge Souls fans, and the series has been a major influence on us and on Salt and Sanctuary, which you could say was more or less born of really, really wanting to craft and explore our own Soulslike universe.


-Do you have any plans to implement character customization beyond skills/equipment?

-You can currently customize gender, race, hair and eye color.


-How about an online aspect?  Are there any plans to implement direct interaction with other players?

-We’re working on a local co-op mode that we can almost promise, but it definitely has to feel integral and not tacked on. We also plan to include asynchronous online features similar to Souls games.


-And do you have any plans for replay-ability, such as a New Game+ mode? or am I starting to get too into the secret “Yet To Be Announced” details? lol



-Well, are there any tips you’d like to pass on to future players for when the game finally gets released?

-Take it easy! Patience is rewarded, button mashing is a bad, bad idea. Take the time to really explore the island; we’ve put a ton of time into filling it with tons of intricate details.


-Moving on from details about the game, Salt and Sanctuary marks the first game you have developed for a SONY system (being exclusive to the PS4 and Vita (and PC!)); All your previous games were on the Xbox or Windows phone.  What’s it been like working with SONY to bring Salt and Sanctuary to life?

-Sony has been amazing. We’re thrilled with their level of enthusiasm and support for getting our game onto their platforms.


-And which company do you prefer working with more? We promise not to rat you out to the big guys upstairs lol

-Working with Microsoft was always great, and we honestly owe our company’s existence—including every game, soundtrack, T-shirt and vinyl we’ve ever produced—to Microsoft, XNA and XBLA.  Unfortunately, two of those three things are no longer active, and that’s just how it is.


-I think we’ve reached the end of our questions, thank you for taking the time to answer them. Are there any parting words you have for the readers and anticipating fans?

-No problem! Thanks for talking with us. If you aren’t already following them, please check out our development Twitch streams that we do three times a week! If you follow us on Twitch.tv/SkaStudios, you can chat with us Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 1pm PST.


Our sincerest thanks to Michelle and James for working with us and answering our question.  If you’d like to learn more about them, Salt and Sanctuary, or their previous titles, you can visit their website here, or follow their twitch.tv account in the link above.  If you’d like to check out VaatiVidya’s preview video on the game, you can click the link here.  We look forward to covering more of Salt and Sanctuary as it develops, until then, stay frosty readers.

FromSoftware Announces When Dark Souls 2 Will Bring You To Death


FromSoftware announced yesterday that Dark Souls 2 will be releasing March 11th, 2014 in NA, March 14th in EU, and March 13th in JP.  These release dates relate to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, while the PC players will have to wait until “shortly after”, the reason cited being so the PC version can “fully capture all the necessary specs”.  They also announced that there will be a collectors edition of the game containing the soundtrack, an artbook, a cloth map, and a 12 inch figuring of the iconic soldier character.  If you choose to just pre-order the regular edition, you will get a complimentary tin case to house the game and a copy of the game’s sound track.


Rayman Legends on Vita Missing Levels, Ubisoft to Patch


Earlier this week, Rayman Legends released on all systems after a long postponement by Ubisoft.  Fans of the Rayman Origins rejoiced as they were able to get their hands on the new game, which features all new levels, a new graphics engine, a multiplayer mode, and even remakes of Rayman Origins levels in the new engine.  But some fans noticed something rather off about a certain version of the game, primarily speaking the PlayStation Vita version.  Players on NeoGaf(1) noticed that the PlayStation Vita version of Rayman Legends was missing about 85 Teensies (the creatures you have to save in the game), which could all be found in the 28 Invasion levels that put challenge to some of the levels by adding a time limit.  These 28 Invasion levels were simply not present in the PlayStation Vita version of the game, but every other version (including the Steam version, which is priced about the same) included these levels.  Well after the discovery of these missing levels, Ubisoft has announced that they will be patching in these Invasion levels at a “later date”, citing the “longer than expected development time” as the reason the Invasion levels didn’t make it into the final cut of the Vita version.(2)  The patch will be free of charge, whenever it comes out.

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Batman: Arkham Origins Pushes Multiplayer To The Brink


[UPDATE]: Warner Bros Entertainment has announced that the Multiplayer aspect of Batman: Arkham Origins will not be available on the Wii U version, citing a low multiplayer audience as the reason. Source

Joystiq reports that Batman: Arkham Origins will be shipping with a competitive multiplayer mode, a first for the series.  The mode, named “Invisible Predator Online”, is a 3v3v2 mode where two teams of three, one a group of thugs working under the Joker and another working under Bane, are in the middle of a turf war.  They’ll have to keep their wits about them, for it’s not just the rival gang that’s out there in the night, it’s also our legendary caped crusaders Batman and Robin.  Two players will control the dynamic duo, secretly moving through out the maps and attempting to take down opponents in secret.  If Batman and Robin manage to score enough “Intimidation Points” through takedowns, then the match is over.  Reportedly, Batman and Robin control essentially similar to how they would in the main campaign, while the thugs control in a likely first or third person shooter kind of way.  If you’re on one of the gangs don’t worry too much, you also have ways to hunt down the bat, or at least make it harder to be hunted.  Thugs are equipped with an X-Ray mode similar to batman, however it’s much more limited and comes with a hefty cool down.  Also, if you reach a certain point of control on the map, one of your players can swap out their avatar for that of the gang leader, either Joker or Bane, each with their own unique skills and takedowns.  If Batman or Robin manage to take down one of these leaders however, they will score massive amounts of intimidation points.  What I find as interesting as the fact that this mode exists, is that it’s not being developed by the main team.  Batman: Arkham Origins is being developed by Warner Brothers Montreal, instead of Rocksteady like in previous games, however this multiplayer mode is being developed by Splash Damage, the company behind Brink, a game that was full of potential but didn’t quite hit the return.  It’ll be interesting to see if this new mode works well and adds to the over all experience of the Arkham series, or if it’ll end as another cash grab by a company that doesn’t quite understand their audience.  Batman: Arkham Origins releases October 25th for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and PC.  If you wish to watch a video on the multiplayer mode, click here.

Make More Tough Decisions In 400 Days


Found deep in the dark chasms of the Steam Database (ok, not that deep) a listing has been posted for Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead game, a listing that specifically states oncoming DLC.  The DLC appears to be titled “400 Days”, but that’s about the only information we have right now, keyword “about”.  Along with this DLC posting in the database, Telltale has recently published 4 short clips, no more then 10 seconds long each, that hint at the characters that might be involved in this 400 Days DLC.  The videos (aptly titled Day 2, Day 220, Day 184, and Day 236) show someone putting pictures and names of people up onto a “Missing” board, each of these four people are new faces that we have had no experience with in the first season of The Walking Dead game.  In the latest two videos, Day 184 and Day 236, the video cuts very briefly to a partial message written in bright numbers, which when put together says “400”.  We’ve known for a while that there would be some form of content before Season 2 of the game is released, and it looks like we’ll finally know the details of what that content is shortly, possibly even during E3 week.


DuckTales: Remastered adds PC to it’s list of platforms

A Capcom-Unity post has confirmed PC for receiving the DuckTales HD remake. The release post details the $14.99 price, and the game’s release to almost all digital platforms (that double as slight DRM): Steam, Origin, Impulse, GamersGate, and Green Man Gaming. Good Old Games is noticeably vacant. The game will still be cracked in a few days, if not hours, upon release.

DuckTales: Remastered is set to be released by Q3 2013 on PS3, XBox 360, WiiU, and now PC.