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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Coming to US and Europe in 2015

Took you long enough, Capcom. We finally got confirmation that the upcoming updated version of Monster Hunter 4 for the Nintendo 3DS (Monster Hunter 4G in Japan) will be released to the West as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The original iteration of the game, Monster Hunter 4, was released in Japan on September 14, 2013, to much acclaim and success. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will build upon the changes already established in MH4, which has more fluid 3-dimensional combat (you can climb and attack from walls and ceilings), new weapons, a new Guild Quest system, and, of course, new monsters to hunt. Monster Hunter 4 also has online multiplayer along with  local play and Streetpass functionality.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is set to be released in the US and Europe in early 2015. I got my fingers across for a Wii U port, akin to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Maybe that can help out the struggling console.

Source: http://www.capcom-unity.com/dubindoh/blog/2014/01/26/monster-hunter-4-ultimate-coming-to-nintendo-3ds-in-early-2015

Cross Region and Off TV Monster Hunting Coming In April


Capcom has announced that it will be releasing a patch in April that will bring Cross Region Play and Off TV Play to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.  This will not only allow you to play the game on your game pad while your friends watch something more entertaining, but it will also allow North American and European players to hunt massive beasts together.  Now the game will be released in North America March 19th, so you’ll still have to wait a bit for the patch to take place, but when it releases there will be free additional quests waiting for you on both the 3DS and the Wii U version.