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Super Smash Bros 4 Character DLC Ballot Discussion

Join Steve, Brad, and special guest, Jeff, as they discussion possible characters up for the recently announced DLC Ballot! Did we miss one? Disagree? Mention it in the comments! We’ll be replying!

Use these timecodes to listen the characters YOU want to hear about!

Axed Veterans/Characters
1:41 – Wolf
3:37 – Snake
5:25 – Roy
7:54 – Tetra/Toon Zelda
10:10 – Ice Climber(s)

1st (Nintendo) Characters
12:57 – Inkling (Splatoon)
14:22 – King K. Rool
16:42 – Geno
21:34 – Chibi robo
Ray – Custom Robo
Chorus Kids
25:07 – Bandana Dee
27:32 – Lanky
28:47 – Grass Type Pokemon
30:37 – Issac

Possible 3rd Party Characters
33:31 – Bomberman
35:48 – Simon Belmont
38:53 – Zero/Protoman/Bass
44:17 – Other Capcom Characters (Ryu, etc)
47:25 – Shovel Knight & Shantae
52:50 – Rayman
56:21 – Banjo and Kazooie
1:01:33 – Lloyd (Irving) – Tales of Symphonia
1:07:00 – Wonder Red
1:09:34 – Bayonetta
1:13:02 – Monster Hunter/Felyne/Palico

Wishful 3rd Party choices
1:18:00 – Kratos -Tales of Symphonia
1:19:42 – Chrono Trigger Rep

Never ever ever happening
1:21:21 – Goku (People are claiming he has a legit chance because of Namco relationship)
1:24:38 – Master Chief
1:25:39 – Sora KH

Extra 3rd Party
1:28:33 – Black Mage

1:32:35 – Speculation on other DLC (Stages, Modes, etc)

HOLD IT! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies Coming Soon!


Ladies and Gentlemen of the court, I would like to present to you news of a most pressing nature.  The defendant, Capcom, has stated that the newest entry in the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series, Dual Destinies, will be available on the US and EU eShop October 24th, for a grand total of $29.99.  Further more, let the record show that the over seas versions will receive two of the three pieces of DLC already available in Japan, a costume pack and an extra episode, though they refuse to state at this time how much these pieces of DLC will cost.


Some New Info on Smash Bros 4: No More Tripping, No DLC Planned, Simultaneous Release Unlikely

Got some reports on details about the new Smash Bros games for ya. First off, Masahiro Sakurai got a lot of feed back in regards to ‘tripping’ on Twitter. Tripping, for those who don’t know, was an annoying mechanic which caused players to randomly trip while fighting. So Sakurai confirmed that this will not be featured in the two new Smash Bros games.

Next off, Sakurai has also confirmed that there are currently no plans for DLC. Here’s a quote from IGN:

“At the current time we have no plans. I consider my job at this point, and my main responsibility, to make the Wii U and 3DS versions the best and the fullest experience possible. That said, once finished, it’s the type of thing we could take into consideration, but for now, you could consider DLC as not being in the cards.”

One of the aspects that makes Sakurai’s games great is that they are jam-packed with content. It will take you a while to find and unlock everything the game has to offer, which, in my opinion, is part of the allure of his games. But having the option for DLC characters, stages, and more would be great. An ever evolving Smash Bros game would make this an enticing game for any Smash fan.

Finally, Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS may not be released at the same time due to some technical challenges. According to IGN, this issue is “particularly with the 3DS facing some challenges in terms of how to accommodate characters that incorporate more than one fighter, such as the Ice Climbers.” I’m not trying to start a rumor or something, but note that they were referring to characters, not only the Ice Climbers, meaning we might be seeing other playable duos. Don’t quote me on this, I just may have been looking too much into that.


Make More Tough Decisions In 400 Days


Found deep in the dark chasms of the Steam Database (ok, not that deep) a listing has been posted for Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead game, a listing that specifically states oncoming DLC.  The DLC appears to be titled “400 Days”, but that’s about the only information we have right now, keyword “about”.  Along with this DLC posting in the database, Telltale has recently published 4 short clips, no more then 10 seconds long each, that hint at the characters that might be involved in this 400 Days DLC.  The videos (aptly titled Day 2, Day 220, Day 184, and Day 236) show someone putting pictures and names of people up onto a “Missing” board, each of these four people are new faces that we have had no experience with in the first season of The Walking Dead game.  In the latest two videos, Day 184 and Day 236, the video cuts very briefly to a partial message written in bright numbers, which when put together says “400”.  We’ve known for a while that there would be some form of content before Season 2 of the game is released, and it looks like we’ll finally know the details of what that content is shortly, possibly even during E3 week.


Blade Wolf On The Prowl May 17th


The third piece of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance DLC will be hitting both the PSN and XBLM May 17th.  For those not in the know, this dlc has the player in control of Blade Wolf, robo-hound pal of both Raiden and Jetstream Sam.  The DLC will take place during the time before Blade Wolf fights Raiden, back when he was working under Mistral.  It’s a little difficult imagining how this DLC will play and control, at least with Sam we could figure he’d play similar to Raiden, but this thing is a damned robotic wolf with a chainsaw tail!! Regardless of whether or not we can understand how it’s going to control, if anyone can make it feel amazing, it’s Platinum Games.


Hop On The Jetstream Later Today[UPDATE]

BHMUT5CCMAAzEpf.jpg large

Sometime later today the second batch of Metal Gear Rising: Revengence will be unleashed upon the PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace.  Following the free batch of VR Missions, this DLC will actually feature a small side story where you get to play as Jack the Ripper rival, Jetstream Sam.  This DLC will apparently follow Sam’s origin story, where we’ll likely learn how he came to be, how he joined Desperado, and his relations to your robo-companion.  Sometime after the release of this DLC there will be a third DLC with another side story, this time putting players in the paws of robo-dog Blade Wolf.  As reported at an earlier date, the Jetstream Sam DLC will be $7 on both the PS3 and Xbox.


UPDATE: According to the PlayStation Store Update post on the US PlayStation blog, the dlc is $9.99, not the $7 that was reported earlier.  Sorry for the confusion.

Want More DLC? Why Not Blade Wolf?


It’s been announced that, in addition to the VR mission DLC which are currently free for all PS3 owners, Metal Gear Revengeance will be getting two more DLCs this april.  One will involve a short side story were we play as Jetstream ‘Shit-Eating-Grin’ Sam, and another that gives players direct control over Blade Wolf, something I was hoping would happen the moment I saw the adorable, Zoid-like death machine.  Both DLCs will be priced at $7 for the PS3 and whatever the $7 equivalent of microsoft points are for the 360.


But the DLC fun doesn’t end there, for owners of the wildly popular Fire Emblem: Awakening will be able to be getting free downloadable maps via the 3DS’s SpotPass feature.  Today you’ll be able to get a map called “A Hard Miracle”, which by the title, sounds pretty hard.  You’ll also be able to pick up the “Ghost of Blade” map on March 28th, “The Wellspring of Truth” map on April 11th, and “The Radiant Hero” map on April 25th, which will bring your super buff army in contact with “a legendary hero”.  Though if you’re me, none of these maps should pose any problems when your party is lead by demon lord Donnel, that guy’s unkillable.  The SpotPass feature also brings you goodies such as free weapons and armies to battle against on the world map, so be sure to check it out under the Bonus Box section of the in-game menu.