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NUReviews @ New York Comic Con 2014

It’s our favorite time of the year…besides all of those other times that are just as cool. But New York Comic Con is still pretty cool! And we were there! Check it out!
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Midimachine – Forever South

Abra Sounds – Parallel and Simultaneous

8-bitheroes – My 8bit destiny

Schematist – Neon Arcade

NUReviews @ MAGfest 11 (2013) Part 2

Part 2 of our MAGfest 11 coverage! We sincerely apologize for the video and audio problems that appear in the video. We’re in the process of upgrading our equipment.

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Bleepy Bloopy – Bladewalker
Bleepy Bloopy – MAXin

NUReviews 2nd Year Anniversary Post ala Ted

I’m surprised Steve kept this  gig going. I mean it’s been two years since that discussion we had Squeak’s place during an E3 party (that I was totally unaware happened, ’cause I never know anything!). Well here’s my favorite skit which was pretty recent and actually based on true events minus the taco place. As much as my online persona seems to be somewhat apathetic to Steve’s cause and seemingly only provides content out of obligation, I actually think Steve has something here. Well something, not sure what. Anyway we’re gonna try to keep this shit going til hit the big million mark, no matter how long it takes. Even if it requires Steve to get that gender reassignment surgery that me, Brad and Steve once talked about during one of our so called NUR online meetings. Irregardless, as they say in my town, Hasta mañana

NUReviews 2nd Year Anniversary Post(From Brad)!!!

Wow, 2 years, that’s a shocker. It seems like just yesterday I was begrudgingly supporting Steve in his crazy dream to become a popular youtube reviewer. Now look at us, we have a blog now! Now that’s something. We’ve done a lot of skits over the last two years (not nearly as much as we had wanted though), in fact, I still have the door I slammed on Steve during the Green Day Rockband skit, and it still has the mark where it hit his big head! I mean sure, technically we didn’t shoot that skit at my place, but I just assumed the door was free for the taking. Lets take a look at my favorite (and by that, I mean the most humiliating skit for Steve), and reminisce on how far we’ve come.

Fun tip: We actually did post that picture to facebook, you can check it out on our facebook page and laugh at him! (