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Join NUReviews as we discuss the latest Super Smash Bros news from the Super Smash Bros Direct!

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Thursday, October 10th to Sunday the 14th was perhaps the most exhausting and longest weekend I have experienced so far in my life. Navigating through the crowds of the con and streets of New York was not for the agoraphobic. At least finding a way to the convention in NYC wasn’t a complete labyrinth, just follow the closest cosplayer you see, and you should be at the con in no time. Everywhere you turned your head on the con floor, you’d see a vendors with so much merch of all sorts of media. A nerd/geek’s shopping spree can get as nasty as a Black Friday shopper. It’s almost like an addiction. “I can stop buying swag whenever I want…or run out of money”. Finally, the patience of Buddha is required for the waiting lines for panels. Some people waited for 9 hours in the panel hall just to get into the Walking Dead panel. At least you could kill time reading comics, right?

Nevertheless, New York Comic Con is one of the few times of the year I actually get hype about. Hanging around like-minded friends, engulfed in all things geek is just a swell feeling. Down below you can see the pictures we snapped from the convention. We’ll be releasing a video of interviews and footage we captured later this week. Enjoy.

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Some of these pictures might be blurry. We apologize for this. We promise to be mindful of the quality next time we release a photo set.


The Xbox One has been announced! And…well, I rather not say more. Just listen to this special episode of ‘C’mon, Step it Up’ and find out what we think.
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Now it’s been mentioned numerous times, whether through articles or podcasts, that members of the NUReviews crew don’t like the use of the terms “gamer culture”, “nerd culture” or the general labeling of people being a “gamer” or “nerd”.  Needless to say, however, that these trends will continue no matter how much a small review site bitches and moans about it.  It’s often difficult to truly explain your disdain for something, but it really helps when you find like minded people who can articulate their feelings better.  That’s where ActionPts comes in.  ActionPts is a new youtube channel barely a week old, with only two videos under it’s belt.  It describes itself as a place of “Considerate analysis, critical thought and a little bit of fun with video games and topics a few degrees separate.”  The only video worth watching (because currently it’s the only video with actual meat on it’s bones) is the one included at the top of this article, “You’re Not such a Nerd: Commodification of Nerd and Gamer Sub-culture”.  In it Mr. ActionPts (for lack of better thing to call him), talks about the bastardization of with term nerd, and how those who label them as such so willingly are anything but that.  No matter what side of the argument you stand on this video is certainly worth your time, especially if you’re one of those people who label themselves as a “nerd”.

Also he says why The Big Bang Theory is a horrible show and you’re a horrible person for liking it, but that’s just a personal plus for me.



Fighting games are the epitome of the description “easy to learn, difficult to master”. Well, at least I believe that. However if you’re lucky, you can get away with button mashing. I won’t judge you if you do. I did that all the time while playing Tekken 2 thru Tag Tournament along with Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs Capcom 2.There was also Super Smash Bros, which was loads of fun in both the casual and competitive scene, despite being overlooked by the fighting game community(FGC).  Even though I learned finally how to play Street Fighter and the Marvel/Capcom fighting games (thanks to MAME emulators), I still yearned to get better. It’s when I began to follow the Fighting Game scene, using ‘The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross’ video series as a starting point.

“Excellent Adventures” is a show featuring two well known figures of the fighting game community: Ryan “Gootecks Gutierrez”, FGC video producer and skilled SFIII:3rd Strike player, and the people’s champion, Mike “Mike Ross” Ross, Street Fighter IV extraordinaire. Both are founding of team Cross Counter, a Capcom-based fighting game team who also produce videos as well, Excellent Adventures being one of them. Excellent Adventures comprises of videos of Gootecks and Mike Ross playing Street Fighter IV online against random opponents with live commentary (typically quite humorous). Both being pro, you would think that it would be boring, since you would imagine them just endlessly beating everyone they play. But on the contrary, Street Fighter IV is a completely different ball park online, which is a large reason why I find Excellent Adventures entertaining. When watching, you are witness to two pros adapting and changing strategies on the fly when playing online against an unknown opponent. Sometimes, the opponent is using a cheap trick, while others are legitimately more skilled than Gootecks and Mike. Every episodes always have a different outcome, varying from streaks of victories to chasing down an opponent that left the duo ‘salty’ (FGC term for bitter).  And of course, the pair have great, at least seemingly platonic chemistry, always joking around and motivating each other.

Cross Counter also produce a bunch of other shows as well. Cross Counter Live is a weekly show (currently on hiatus) where the two discuss current happenings in the fighting game community, such as upcoming tournaments and games, while also featuring special guests who are prominent in the FGC, like Combofiend and Justin Wong. There are also other Adventures series as well, similar to Excellent Adventures, but featuring other games, like Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken.

Check out more of their videos here:

Of course, the only real way of becoming better at fighting games is practice, whether it’s training mode, playing online or against friends on the same couch. But if you hit a wall, it’s never a bad idea to hop on the internet as trying to pick up some new strategies and combos. As for myself, I’m a bit rusty, due to lack of practice. But I’m also down for a match of SSFIV:AE 2012. Just don’t be a jerk when you wreck my E. Honda.