Aoi Sekai no Chushin de: First Impressions and why some things weren’t meant to be adapted.













So the Nintendo vs Sega Console war anime adaptation (that was a mouthful) has recently premiered, and I gotta tell ya it is TERRIBLE. Personally there’s a lot of things there are just plain terrible in this anime, the animation is somewhat lackluster, the really generic shonen characters and the really distasteful ecchi moments. Oddly enough it’s the ecchi moments that I have a problem with. Don’t get me wrong, I love scantily clad women as much as the next guy. But it just seems so out of place for something as epic-sounding as “Nintendo vs Sega war”. Now these moments aren’t as detailed like other ecchi heavy animes such as High School of the Dead or High School DxD, instead you get something like “oh noes you just blasted all my clothes off don’t look!” It’s cheesier than it is funny. Another major problem is the hit or miss characterizations of some of our most beloved characters from both brands. First off we got Gear, who’s basically Sonic the Hedgehog. As you might have guessed his power speed and his signature move at the moment is a charge dash basically he stands still for a moment, yells then runs at you). A bunch of the other characters are kind of “meh” unless you’re really into the Sega brand, characters such as Nel and Opal who are from Phantasy Star II and Fantasy Zone respectively don’t really stand out except to fill in the role of the little sister and the fem fatale with a big chest. For the Nintendo side of things, they so far have introduced Mario, Yoshi and Link. Now Mario aka King Marcus just looks like a bad ass wielding his mushroom sword. As well as Yoshi, he’s a frickin’ raptor in this one. Although those two of yet to do anything in the anime yet except stare off into the horizon, I like the characterization of them. Link on the other hand was something I wasn’t expecting; although it kind of makes sense if you want to hurt your brain a bit. Here Link is known as Zelig, a blood thirsty loud mouthed bomb tossing maniac. At first I thought he was bomber man. I guess it’s true about what they say “the quiet ones are always the crazy ones.” Finally we have Tejirou, who’s actually a characterization of the game Tetris. As he said it himself he’s a “…wizard who says a lot of dirty things.” As cool as his powers are, it gets really old hearing him say “I like putting sticks into holes,” every chance he gets. Now the last thing I want to cover is the overall presentation and pacing of the anime. I can sum it up into two words (or is it one word?): CLUSTER FUCK. They use a whole lot of exposition which isn’t bad at first, but then after an explanation things just escalate quickly. (Spoiler Alert) Til aka Tails dies at the beginning, Gear who was a country bumpkin til recently, becomes a special agent of the Segua army after beating an entire squadron in a split second. And Tejirou just keeps talking about sticking his pole into someone’s hole. They put in so much crap into the first episode that they don’t really try to give room for character or plot development. The only redeeming quality of this anime in my opinion are the references to the Nintendo vs Sega console war itself. Maybe I’m being a little harsh saying the anime is bad, I mean it just came out. As generic and bland as the anime is, I’m still going to watch it mainly for the references. Hopefully in the long run it gets good. But hey it’s my own personal view, check it out for yourself and drop a comment to let us know what you think.

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