Triforce Me This (Legend of Zelda Remake?)


Word is that Nintendo wants to remake Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the 3DS. But did you know that they are considering remaking Majora’s Mask as well? Well Nintendo is currently debating which of these two games will be made first and which console it will be released on. Yes, Nintendo is thinking about remaking one of these for the Ryu WiiU or if both will be for the 3DS.

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5 thoughts on “Triforce Me This (Legend of Zelda Remake?)”

  1. Tricky, tricky. On one hand, if Nintendo went all out on remaking A Link to the Past, I would be interested in seeing how its being on the 3DS would affect the graphics and gameplay. On the other hand, A Link to the Past has already seen a port to a portable system whereas Majora’s Mask has not.
    Personally, I’m hoping for a Majora’s Mask port. I haven’t played that title yet, and I would love to experience it on the 3DS.


  2. Actually, my friend (who is a MASSIVE zelda fan) told me that Nintendo eventually cancelled making the MM remake. I don’t know if that’s true, and if it is, did they change their mind?


    1. Well, Nintendo hasn’t released any official statements about game cancellations. I’m not too sure about the status of a MM remake. Nintendo did say they’re looking into it if OoT3D does well,(which it did), so there is still hope


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