Alex’s E3 Pick of the Day: ZombiU

Alex here presenting my pick of the day from E3.  Today nintendo unveiled gameplar for ZombiU and I have to say I am blown away.  Like many of the games showcased in this years E3,  ZombiU gives plays a cinematic gaming experience. However, with the added features of the WiiU’s gamepad I feel that nintendo may have a real winner on its hands.

My favorite aspect of the ZombiU game play trailer was integrated the use of the WiiU’s gamepad with the gameplay.  Uses of the game pad include a minimap for items such as sonar,  acting as a keypad for a door, or as basic as managing inventory.  However, the best part of this integration is that while using the gamepad the game isn’t paused and gameplay continues which adds suspense.  This is shown in the demo by a zombie breaking down a door while the player is finding a weapon from his inventory.  This level of suspense is what I believe makes a good survival horror game and why this game gets my pick of the day.

3 thoughts on “Alex’s E3 Pick of the Day: ZombiU”

  1. I would just like to add, that this could be a disaster like red steel for the Wii. Looks cool and looks like it will take advantage of the hardware but ultimately fails when the finished product is out….so keep your fingers crossed!


  2. I was excited for this…until I saw the gameplay footage.

    I don’t have high hopes for the WiiU, but I was hoping this would be a stand-out…I am thinking less and less of it…Especially for the little talk about it coming out of E3. Surprisingly, what i am super excited for is Sim City


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